You have no hidden talent

Everyone is good at something. You just have to find out what it is. And so we spend our early adult life searching for what we’re good at.

The years go by and we learn that our hidden talent isn’t in drawing, mathematics, programming, singing, acting, writing, comedy, design, sports or art. Dissapointed, we give up and settle with a profession we don’t love. At least, we don’t hate it, right?

The problem here is that the entire premise is wrong. John Mayer couldn’t play a single chord when he started playing the guitar. Lionel Messi sucked at football when he touched the ball the first time. Steve Jobs didn’t have a clue about design in the beginning.

Like you and me, these people were bad at things initially. What made them outstanding was their relentless practice year after year. They became great because they wanted to.

So don’t waste your life searching for your hidden talent - you won’t find it.

Instead, grab the reins and accept that you’re in control of your own fate. Instead of looking for your talent, create it!